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The Benefits of Working with us:
  • Save Business owners valuable time, stress and aggravation dealing with debt related issues.
  • Allow business owners and staff to focus on running their business
  • Pre-emp legal fees and action that could result from non payment
  • Assist in salvaging important vendor relationships
  • Resolve business debt disputes in weeks, instead of years
  • Create dramatic reductions in the amounts owed and settled
  • Provide business debt resolution and discounted settlements

A Proven Approach

A good commercial debt management company restructures your debt and gets you the money to pay it off. This is the most successful approach to clearing business debt off of your financial settlements. We are a commercial debt management company with a proven individualized debt management solution that accomplishes both of these objectives. We focus on your revenue growth and financial solvency while we interact with your creditors, collection agencies and collection attorneys.

The heart of our individualized debt management service is our Financial Recovery Process, which develops a positive monthly cash flow, stronger financial statements and reduced debt ratios. The net benefit to you will be less money needed to pay off your debts. On average our clients reduce the total payout to settle their debts including our fees by 50% to 60%. We are the only commercial debt management company that implements such a thorough process directly focused on revenue growth.

By implementing our Financial Recovery Process you will utilize a tested debt management solution that is focused in the three primary areas needed for successful business debt management Crisis Management, Increasing Cash flow, and Debt Restructuring. If you are going to hire a commercial debt management company, why would you want to work with one that focuses on debt restructuring alone? You could have all of this:

Newport Financial Services negotiation process has been tested and developed over years of experience by our team of professionals in the field of finance and credit card commercial commercial debt. Our professionals are highly skilled in each of their fields of expertise.

Through the established relationships that we have with the creditors and financial institutions, we are able to successfully negotiate the commercial commercial debts of our clients at a substantial discount. Creditors are willing to negotiate a commercial commercial debt with   Newport Financial Services, on behalf of our clients, with the understanding that the settled amount will be paid in a timely manner.

Furthermore, creditors are always looking to avoid the ineffective and costly efforts of an outside collection company.  Newport Financial Services continues to develop our relationships with creditors throughout the country, and we always maintain a very professional and cooperative relationship with the creditors in order to reach the most favorable settlement offers for our clients. We work directly, and 100% for you.

Commercial commercial debt settlement is a legitimate way  of solving your problem without the need for bankruptcy. Our representatives work each case individually to determine your eligibility, and then, if you qualify, they will establish a program that allows repayment of the commercial commercial debt through affordable monthly payments while ultimately saving your credit. This approach reduces your commercial commercial debt vs.consolidation options. Our approach assists you by reducing the time to repay the commercial commercial debt and by lowering the total amount you owe.

For more information, complete our brief
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Advantages Unique to our Company

As a law firm, we provide several unique advantages over a regular settlement company. In many states, settlement companies are being legislated out of existence. The practice of law is not regulated in the same manner. In a general sense, we operate in just the opposite manner of major collection law firms that operate in all 50 states.

Another key benefit aside from avoidance of certain regulatory restrictions that the law office setup provides is a air of credibility in negotiations with certain creditors. Several creditors have established in-house policy and procedure that dictates zero settlements with settlement companies. However, this policy does not apply to law firms and we are able to save clients significant amounts of money with these creditors.

As a law firm we also have the ability to provide attorney hardship letters for clients at no additional cost to client. These letters are extremely useful in reducing the settlement percentage with creditors. In fact, several creditors and collection agencies require a attorney letter to settle below their guidelines

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