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We can help you find the best alternative for dealing with your commercial debt. Learn more about reducing your commercial debt and finding someone you can trust. We will help you get your life back on track today at Newport Financial Services.
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Our Debt Restructuring Program can help you:
  • Satisfy your creditors with what you can afford
  • Reduce your debt and stretch it out over time
  • Spend less time dealing with creditors, collection agencies and attorneys.
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary legal costs.
  • Preserve positive relationships with suppliers.
  • Keep your doors open and avoid bankruptcy.

Our commercial debt settlement program is actually quite simple.

Vendor debt (creditors or their in-house collectors)
Collection Agencies
Equipment Leases
Attorney Demand Letter for immediate payment of debt
Lawsuits – Pending Suits filed against your company that will need attorney engagement
Judgments – Plaintiff has been granted a judgment by the court against your company, and potentially, you personally
Delinquent third party medical claims
Mechanic liens
Business credit cards
And More
Student Loans
Secured Debts
Government Loans
Lawsuits, IRS Debt / Taxes
Utility Bills, Auto Loans
Home Loans / Mortgages

NFS are expert’s in Business Debt Resolutions that can turn a business around to regain a healthy financial future! How? We specialize in professional debt elimination solutions for businesses. A careful balance of negotiations, mediations and business consulting go into every successful outcome – our experts help clients solve debt problems and debt disputes quickly, without the hassle, inconvenience and expense of spending resources or time in resolving these matters in court.

Following are just a few of the key business debt restructuring benefits
  • Collection calls from creditors, collection agencies and attorneys STOP immediately.
  • Prompt measures will be taken to prevent litigation creditors from by-passing the process.
  • You receive a fresh start by reducing, eliminating or restructuring all business related debt so that you can restore your business to debt-free financial health.
  • All submitted debts are consolidated into one simple monthly payment based on what you can afford.
  • We negotiate to protect your companies credit rating and buying power by re-aging past due receivables to show them as current.
  • Free-up vital cash flow resources and your time for developing the business without taking out a loan and without personal guarantee.
  • Bankruptcy, litigation and critical supply line cut-offs from vendors are prevented.

  • We negotiate your settlements for you. Your current level of unsecured commercial debt will be skillfully negotiated for you, and essentially you will end up paying a fraction of the commercial debt. Generally, we reduce your commercial debt by 40-60% of the current total.

    Low, affordable monthly payments. We will set you up with an affordable monthly payment, which is determined on a client-by-client basis between you and a counselor at Newport Financial Services. Based upon what you are able to pay each month into your settlement account, we can determine how many months you will be part of the program, and ultimately be commercial debt free. Throughout the program, we communicate with your creditors, on your behalf. We assist you when dealing with aggressive, confrontational and abusive creditors or collectors.

    Settling of Your commercial debt. Once you have retained our services, Newport Financial Services will commence the Service. Newport Financial Services will advise Client of all good faith offers made by creditors and commercial debt collectors, and of their acceptance of any offers made by Newport Financial Services. Newport Financial Services will not settle any account without any approval of Client, who has absolute discretion to accept or reject any settlement offer. We can only settle a commercial debt once the full funds are available in Clients settlement account.

    Once paid, that commercial debt is gone forever.  At that point, the creditor has accepted the payment in full, and you are free of that commercial debt forever. Newport Financial Services will diligently continue to work on negotiating all of your commercial debts, until you are finally free from the once overwhelming commercial debt that you started our program with.

    We work only for our clients, not for the benefit of the creditors. Becoming commercial debt free is the first step to becoming financially secure, and commercial debt settlement may be your best option.

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