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What our Clients Say...

"You have been quite helpful in an extraordinary, relieving way. As a Sergeant in the U.S. army, I am charged with defending freedom and democracy. It is people like you whom I keep in mind when doing so."
- Maurice Ivy, SC

"This was my last resort. Newport Financial Services has made it so easy! I am very happy doing business with your company, and so far the folks I have talked to are incredibly nice and supportive. So, thank you so much for your help and responsiveness. Your Customer Service department is great!"
- Joanna Sherman, MD

"I would like to say thank you to Newport Financial Services and staff for their diligent work on my account. I deeply appreciate all the help that has been given to me."
-Jerry Lankford, NY

"Thanks so much for your consistently excellent support with the issues surrounding my account. You are a genuine credit to Newport Financial Services and it's a pleasure to deal with you always."
-A Capo, CA

"Thank You for all your company has done for us. I will continue to refer friends and family to you when they find themselves in need of the services you offer."
- Lori Lynn Evans, FL

"If there should ever be a time again when the road is rockier than we can handle, we will remember to contact Newport Financial Services."
-Sandra MacLean, CT

"Thank you again for calling me. The information you gave to me, took off a lot of pressure and stress that I carry on my Shoulders!"
- Maribel Fernandez, CA

"I am currently a customer of Newport Financial Services, and so far I have been very happy with the service. After sending out the cease and desist letters, my creditors finally stopped calling me."
-Patricia Lambert, CO

"I have been in your program since February of 2003, and I am very pleased. With each settlement, comes another success."
- LeVier Byrem, PA

"My name is Fran Kehoe, and I just wanted to take some time to let you know how much you have helped me and my family. You always help me out, and I feel like I can always contact you to ask for assistance. Keep up the excellent work."
-Fran Kehoe, NY

"Thanks for helping me out in my time of hardship. Your customer service is well above and beyond what I would expect."
-Jared Jeffrey, WA

"I would like to thank you for your professionalism with regard to our accounts. You have been extremely helpful."
-Michael Lee Gogin, CA

"I would recommend this company to anybody. I was in over my head, and in the short amount of time I have been in the program, they have settled my accounts and have done an excellent job. In fact I recently did refer my friend. Thank you Newport Financial Services for all of your help."
-Terri Johnston, PA

What the Creditors Say...

"I think you guys do an excellent job. Every time I call you, you get back with me. You let me know if there are funds available to settle with. I like how you actually have access to checking the availability of funds, instead of just having us wait and we don't hear back from anyone. You guys at Newport Financial Services always back and let us know. The payments are done in a timely manner, and the cardholders that I speak with seem to be satisfied with your service as well."
- Tracy Louis, Fleet

"I have had wonderful, wonderful customer care service at Newport Financial Services. I always get results when I talk to you. You're the only one that I really seek out to call, because I don't think anyone else would give me that kind of service. I get personal service. One of the things I really like is that you get back to me in a timely manner."
- Martha, Household Credit Services

"I have had a very good experience, both with your clients and your representatives. You are very Quick with the settlement paperwork, and everything always goes smoothly."
- Mr. Brown, NCO Financial (Supervisor of American Express)

"I feel that Newport Financial Services is very good about contacting me when I call them. They do a great job of handling the accounts that we have here at Chase. They work extremely well towards the client's resolution of their account."
- Susan, Chase

"Newport Financial Services has helped us on several accounts, settling them in a timely fashion. I'd like to personally thank your negotiators for a job well done."
- Melva Dickson, FMA Alliance

"Our Experience with Newport Financial Services has been great. You guys have friendly customer service. You get back to us really quick, and everything is really great! Out of everyone I work with, I like Newport Financial Services the best overall, very much."
- Todd Johnson, Capital One

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