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Our commercial debt Settlement Program is actually quite simple. Your current level of unsecured commercial debt will be skillfully negotiated for you, and essentially you will end up paying a fraction of the commercial debt. Generally, we reduce your commercial debt by 40-60% of the current total. We will set you up with an affordable monthly payment, which is determined on a client-by-client basis between you and a counselor at Newport Financial Services. Based upon what you are able to pay each month into your settlement account, we can determine how many months you will be part of the program, and ultimately be commercial debt free. Throughout the program, we communicate with your creditors, on your behalf, and you will no longer be dealing with burdensome phone calls and letters from your creditors.

Upon enrollment, we will immediately contact each of your creditors, individually, and let them know that we are now representing you, and also let them know of your interest in settling your commercial debt with them. Reaching a settlement usually takes several phone calls and communication between Newport Financial Services and the creditor. Once a settlement offer has been reached, and you as the client have agreed on this amount, we will obtain that settlement offer in writing from the creditor and will then advise client on how to disperse funds to the creditor.

At that point, the creditor has accepted the payment in full, and you are free of that commercial debt forever. Newport Financial Services will diligently continue to work on negotiating all of your commercial debts, until you are finally free from the once overwhelming commercial debt that you started our program with.

Our main goal is to get you out of commercial debt. We work only for our clients; not for the benefit of the creditors. Becoming commercial debt free is the first step to becoming financially secure, and commercial debt settlement may be your best option.

Crisis Management

We are the only commercial debt management company whose first priority in business debt management is refocusing your business towards revenue growth. Juggling cash flow to appease creditors and dealing with collection calls, lawsuits and other efforts from your creditors to collect money are a complete distraction. They keep you from investing your time, energy and financial resources in your business to keep it moving towards revenue growth. Thatís why our first step it to have all collection efforts directed to us. All your collection calls stop. No more threatening letters. No more hounding you for money.

Next, we build credibility with your creditors by communicating with them about your economic situation and in an honest forthright way. We let your creditors know that you are serious about the elimination of business debt. After all thatís why you hired a commercial debt management company. In hiring us as your commercial debt management company you immediately level the playing field by gaining an advocate who will assert your financial interests with creditors.

We then create an action plan for you that will increase your access to cash flow and pay down your debt. The credibility gained by having a commercial debt management company working for you will create additional flexibility for you to prioritize which creditors to pay first. As a result, a budget can be developed with appropriate strategies that give you the cash you need to run your business in an efficient and profitable manner. Revenue grows.

Increase Cash flow

The old saying that ďCash Is KingĒ is never more true than when business is being operated under financial hardship. Access to cash is literally the difference between survival and bankruptcy. In this stage of our Financial Recovery Process we focus solely on generating the money needed to implement your individualized debt management plan. This is what sets us apart from any other commercial debt management company. We first help you to prioritize your creditors. Doing this will free up capital to invest in your business or to use in the elimination of business debts that are particularly burdensome to your bottom line. The key here is to free up cash flow so that it can be used in the most productive manner.

We then look at the alternative methods of financing which might be useful in generating capital for business growth. There is no need to worry about your current creditworthiness or issuing personal guarantees. In addition to typical business debt loans there are also many alternative forms of financing which do not depend on the financial stability of your business or its owners. Our expertise will guide you in finding appropriate funding sources if it is appropriate to do so.

With a well developed cash flow plan your revenue will grow. Once your revenue increases you will have more cash to allocate towards business debt elimination.

Restructuring Business Debt

Commercial debt negotiation is truly the core of why you hire us. It is the step in the Financial Recovery Process whose success relies less on cold hard facts and more on the skills of negotiation and compromise. It is the ďartĒ of the business debt management process. In restructuring business debt we are working directly with your creditors. We treat them with respect, and we provide your information to them in an honest arms length negotiation. We help to facilitate your creditors understanding and decision making process with regard to their risk in holding your debt.

Creditors have three options during the negotiation of commercial debt. They can accept an offer in compromise, restructure the debt, or pursue their legal rights in collecting on their debt. Overwhelmingly, the majority of the creditors will opt for a settlement at a reduced amount which is fairly and honestly negotiated. The net result for you is a substantial savings each time a creditor decides to settle a debt.

The Bottom Line

Letís face it. There is a risk in running a business. You know it and so do your creditors. Neither you nor your creditors like it when promises canít be kept. Itís not personal, itís not a character flaw.

BE commercial debt FREE

Newport Financial Services Negotiation process has been tested and developed over years of experience by our team of professionals in the field of finance and credit card commercial debt. Our professionals are highly skilled in each of their fields of expertise.

Through the established relationships that we have with the creditors and financial institutions, we are able to successfully negotiate the commercial debts of our clients at a substantial discount. Creditors are willing to negotiate a commercial debt with Newport Financial Services, on behalf of our clients, with the understanding that the settled amount will be paid in a timely manner.

Furthermore, creditors are always looking to avoid the ineffective and costly efforts of an outside collection company.Newport Financial Services continues to develop our relationships with creditors throughout the country, and we always maintain a very professional and cooperative relationship with the creditors in order to reach the most favorable settlement offer for our clients. We work directly, and 100% for you.

commercial debt Settlement is a legitimate way of solving your problem without the need for bankruptcy. Our representatives work each case individually to determine your eligibility and then, if you qualify, they will establish a program that allows repayment of the commercial debt through affordable monthly payments while ultimately saving your credit. This approach reduces your commercial debt vs.consolidation options. Our approach assists you by reducing the time to repay the commercial debt and by lowering the total amount you owe.

For more information complete the brief information on our form. A Newport Financial Services Representative will contact you to discuss how to get started today.

Advantages Unique to our Company

As a law firm, we provide several unique advantages over a regular settlement company. In many states, settlement companies are being legislated out of existence. The practice of law is not regulated in the same manner. In a general sense, we operate in just the opposite manner of major collection law firms that operate in all 50 states.

Another key benefit aside from avoidance of certain regulatory restrictions that the law office setup provides is a air of credibility in negotiations with certain creditors. Several creditors have established in-house policy and procedure that dictates zero settlements with settlement companies. However, this policy does not apply to law firms and we are able to save clients significant amounts of money with these creditors.

As a law firm we also have the ability to provide attorney hardship letters for clients at no additional cost to client. These letters are extremely useful in reducing the settlement percentage with creditors. In fact, several creditors and collection agencies require a attorney letter to settle below their guidelines

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